Split Ends

Split Ends

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Split ends, one of those hair related issues that no-one wants to face. Split ends give your hair a messy, unhealthy and worn appearance, rather than the sleek and smooth look that so many of us wish that our hair had. But what causes split ends and what can you do to avoid them?

The causes of split ends

There are a variety of reasons that split ends develop in our hair. Some of the most common reasons why you get them is because you are simply being too rough with your hair when brushing, not detangling your hair when needed, trimming your hair with blunt scissors, excessive blow drying and straightening. 

Even though we may enjoy spending our time out in the sun. Hot weather and sun exposure can also be a cause of split ends. Another big factor is a lack of products or improper use of them. Over use of gels and wax. Chemical treatments such as colour, perms and relaxers. 

The types of split ends

You may be guilty of thinking that split ends are just ends which are split. However, this really isn’t the case. In fact, split ends come in as many as 16 different types. Whilst we are not going to delve too deeply into the different types there are (let’s save that for another day) here is a list of the split ends. The knot is normally found in natural Afro hair but the rest can occur on all hair types. 




Double Y 






White Spots

Right Angle

Off Shoot 


Tree Split

Feather Split 


How you can try to avoid split ends 

Now for the million dollar question. How can you avoid split ends? There’s a few things you could do, you could start by making sure that you are using a good shampoo which is sulfate free with a good conditioner to go with it. Leave in conditioners are extremely important as well as they’re created to seal your hair after the shampooing and conditioning stages. Leave in conditioners close/seal hair cuticles protecting the hair shaft, leaving your hair with a great natural shine.

Other ways of minimising split ends is to keep your hair moisturised by having deep conditioning treatments regularly, using wide tooth combs when detangling your hair. Using a satin or silk hair scarf, bonnet or a pillow case when you go to bed, these fabrics help to retain moisture in your hair. Dry your hair with a microfibre towel or leave it to dry naturally. Using a good serum a couple of times in a week to protect your hair while you’re out and about. 

Never ignore these issues because if the split rides to the roots you will lose the whole strand. Trim your hair when it’s needed. Your hair will thank you for it.

Remember to keep your hair moisturised, eat well and drink plenty of water.


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